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Innovation inspired by the gods

Kronos-sale is a #safeLaunchpad with Audited Pre-sales & Lockers on the cronos & Binance block chains. Its expanding #easylaunchpad ecosystem pays dividends to it's token & NFT holders.

Kronos NFT's

hAND Drawn NFT's in the form of mythical greek gods! The Kronos Gods have the power to reward you with bonus dividends from our whole ecosystem. a massive 25% of all profits fill our staking pools.

Safe Pre-Sale

Revolutionary pre-sale launchpad that provides investors with audited projects, including a 6 tier safety rating.

Token & NFT Staking

Kronos-Sale staking platform for dividends tracking & bonus rewards via our unique, hand drawn NFT's.

LP Locker

Trusted Liquidity Locker & escrow locker for professional services, promoting safe trading & project Development.

Crypto Audits

Full scale auditing including contracts, kyc & project model research. All crypto projects will receive a badge showing their safety rating.

Cryptocurrency marketing

Kronos-Sale provides a wide range of marketing options for audited projects including ama's, advertising space, sponsorship & access to a quality promotions network.

Kronos-sale profile badges

If you're a serious crypto professional, or a diamond Cronos investor, than you can apply to have a kronos Profile badge. All you need to do is join one of our socials and strike up a conversation.

Coming Soon: Profile badges with unique hand drawn profile pics. You too can look like one of our greek gods. You just need to choose your ability!
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