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Pre-Sale Audit Badges

audited, safe pre-sale Badges

The #KronosSale #SafePresalePlatform provides secure #AuditedCryptoProjects across mutliple blockchains. Kronos understands that its important to ensure Crypto Investors feel safe in the environment they trade

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Kronos Lightning Review

Kronos Lightning Contract Review

The Lightning Contract Review is one of the key #KronosSaleServices that helps improve investor security on the #KronosSale #SafeLaunchpad. The Lightning Review is a contract

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Kronos Think Tank NFT

What is the kronos Think Tank

The #KronosThinkTank is a dynamic space where #CryptoProfessionals evolve ideas and develop new opportunities. The Kronos Team and experienced partners continuously discuss concepts for #NewCryptoProjects

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Kronos Escrow Locker, Secure Business

Kronos Escrow Locker

The Kronos #SafeLaunchpad isn’t only for investors, it works tirelessly at building a #SecurePlatform for Crypto Professionals and Project Founders. The Kronos-Sale Escrow locker is

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Kronos Spartan Lock Certificate

Spartan Liquidity pool locker

The Spartan Elite have set up camp to guard the Liquidity Pool and fight for the Kronos #SafeCryptoPlatform. #KronosServices provides project founders with an #EasyLaunchpad

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Poseidon NFT, Kronos-Sale Pre-sale Platform

Kronos Secure Pre-Sale Platfrom

The Kronos #SafeCryptoPlatform provides a comprehensive service to Projects wanting to host a sale prior to launch to raise capital and collect quality investors. Kronos-Sale

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How to Swap BNB for CRO.

How to change bnb into CRO

Below, we’ve put together a simple guide on changing Binance Smart Chain (BNB) into, Cronos Chain. You will need to read the Kronos-Sale, quick

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