How to Swap BNB for CRO.

How to change bnb into CRO

Below, we’ve put together a simple guide on changing Binance Smart Chain (BNB) into, Cronos Chain. You will need to read the Kronos-Sale, quick guide on linking your Metamask wallet to the Cronos Chain article. Upon setting the Cronos Chain connection up on metamask you are ready to buy. Please follow the steps below.

How to swap BNB into CRO

1. Add Cronos Chain USDC to your wallet using the address below. Make sure Metamask is set to  Cronos.


2. Switch back to the Smart Chain (BNB) on Metamask and swap then  BNB into USDC via pancake swap, or similar.

3. After swapping to USDC , you will need to bridge your funds across networks using the method below.. or

Bridging from Binance to Kronos

4. On the EvoDefi bridge you can change Binance Smart Chain USDC to Cronos USDC. You will also receive 2 CRO Coins, with which you will need to use for gas fees on the Cronos Chain. 

5. Once you’ve successfully gotten USDC on Cronos it’s time to swap for CRO. Follow the link below.


6. Perform the swap and fill your bags with enough CRO for all your Pre-Sale needs and chart action

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