Trading on Cronos Network

How to trade on the Cronos network

The Cronos Block Chain has the potential to be one of the top crypto networks! $CRO is breaking into the cryptocurrency world, full force ahead. The giant is mass marketing Cronos to retail investors by sponsoring the likes of the Super Bowl, UFC and most recently the Football World Cup 2022. The question isn’t how successful Cronos will be, it’s how do you buy Cronos and how do you trade on the Cronos Chain?

How to setup your wallet To Cronos Network?

Before you start trading on Cronos the first thing you need to do is download metamask onto your computer, or phone and setup the Cronos Network. Please follow the link below for the quick and easy steps to setting up the metamask wallet on CRO.


How to link Metamask Wallet to Cronos:

How to transfer USDC from BSC to Cronos

1. Use Poocoin or Pancake Swap and exchange BNB for USDC. 

USDC: 0x8ac76a51cc950d9822d68b83fe1ad97b32cd580d

2. The USDC will still be on the BSC Network so you need to use the bridge below to transfer them onto the CRO Network.

Open Bridge:

3. Select the bridge. Connect your metamask wallet  via the wallet button in the top right hand corner of web page. A prompt will let you choose which wallet on metamask.

4. Select BSC to CRONOS bridge. Enter total amount of USDC to send and add your cronos wallet address in the recipient line. Click approve then press send.

5. Now you have your USDC on CRONOS network. It’s time buy CRO and invest in some safe pre-sales on the Kronos-Sale Launchpad.

*Alternatively use to buy/sell and send USDC (Cronos chain) to your chosen wallet.

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