Kronos Escrow Locker, Secure Business

Kronos Escrow Locker

The Kronos #SafeLaunchpad isn’t only for investors, it works tirelessly at building a #SecurePlatform for Crypto Professionals and Project Founders. The Kronos-Sale Escrow locker is a key part of this #KronosService.  The Cryptocurrency Escrow Locker allows Crypto Projects, Businesses and Freelancers to work together safely by ensuring money is exchanged only when the mutually agreed terms have been met. 

 In addition to Kronos Providing an Escrow Locker we have created the Kronos Job Board as a place to publicise and source work.

What is an Escrow Locker?

The KRONOS job board provides projects the ability to post jobs and freelancers the ability to accept those jobs making it necessary to offer an Escrow Locker. Whenever there is a need to exchange money based upon a contractual arrangement between two parties an escrow is needed. The Project sets the job parameters with KRONOS and after the Freelancer satisfies all the parameters of the job then the Project Admin along with someone from the KRONOS team can approve the transaction, therefore, paying the Freelancer for work performed.



The Kronos Escrow Locker and Job Board can provide investors with Passive Income in USDC:

Kronos-Sale NFT, Ares: 9% of Escrow Locker & Job Board
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