Kronos Lightning Review

Kronos Lightning Contract Review

The Lightning Contract Review is one of the key #KronosSaleServices that helps improve investor security on the #KronosSale #SafeLaunchpad. The Lightning Review is a contract inspection of a new project looking to Launch on the Kronos Pre-Sale Platform. Our developers review your contract for common issues, exploits and malicious code to keep investors safe from projects launched in the Ecosystem. Passing our review audit is the absolute bare minimum that must be completed to launch a project and collect capital.


Lightning Contract Review Overview

1. Token Overview
2. Overview
3. Vulnerabilities Checked
4. Contract Ownership
5. Owner Accessible Functions
6. Liquidity Ownership
7. Mint Functions
8. Contract Transaction Fees
Contact us via our socials for a review of a New Crypto Contract, or message the Kronos Think Tank for help in developing a Cryptocurrency project.
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