The Kronos-Sale #SecureLaunchpad

Innovation inspired by the gods!

At Kronos-Sale we audit all our pre-sale projects and provide them with a badge so it’s easy for investors to see how well they’ve performed. The audit includes project model review, contract audit, LP lock, team interview, KYC and, or doxxing. The badges we provide are as follows.

  1. Unverified
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
  5. Platinum 
  6. Diamond
 We are also working on an auto airdrop function, so all you have to do is turn up to the token launch!
Pre-Sale Audit Badges


In addition to a standard liquidity pool locker for Cronos Chain projects, we have created a multi-sign, escrow locker. The escrow wallet allows us to be the security blanket between a cryptocurrency professional and a project developer.  Furthermore, we don’t just help professionals with the terms of service, we help projects find suitable applicants with our  job notice board. This will free up valuable time and greatly reduce the risk of wasting money.

Staking for dividends

The Kronos-Sale staking platform will be used as a way of calculating your dividends yield. The staking contract will calculate the yield based on how much of the native Kronos-Sale token you hold. The more tokens you hold the, the greater the yield. Dividends will be drawn from the profit of the whole Kronos-Sale Ecosystem. 

We wont be charging you to stake, or hitting you with a penalty for releasing your tokens. The only cost of staking on the Kronos-Sale platform is token itself and the gas fee. 

Boost your Yield with NFT's

Unique, hand drawn NFT’s are available to increase your dividends yield. Each section of the Kronos-Sale business will have its own NFT mascot in the form of a Greek God. The NFT will draw a bonus dividend yield from the profit of the section it’s been assigned. Up to 5 NFT’s can be staked at any one time, but there is no cap on how many you may purchase. However, it is luck of the draw which Greek God you may receive, ranging from the all mighty Zeus to the common Kronos. All Cards will be the same price.

  • Kronos (Titan of Time): Low, whole ecosystem profit
  • Zeus (Powerful, God of Sky): Whole ecosystem profit
  • Poseidon (God of Sea): Pre-Sale
  • Hades (God of Underworld): LP-Locker
  • Ares (God of War): Escrow Locker
  • Aphrodite (Goddess of Love): AMA’s
  • Athena (Goddess of Strategy): Marketing & Promo
  • Apollo (God of Arts): NFT
  • Artmis (God of the Hunt): Audits
Kronos NFT Collection

*Image is just a representation of the process for visual presentation. It does not show the processes in place to action the actual dividends yield.

Marketing & promotion

Kronos-Sale is more than just a Pre-Sale Launchpad, it’s a growing network of trusted crypto professionals that are uniquely placed to promote projects across the Cronos Blockchain. We will provide access to this network to developers who have reached the top two tiers of our security audit. This will always ensure we only market the very best of Pre-sale projects that launch through Kronos.

In addition to our vast network we will also provide in house promotion through our AMA’s, placed advertising, investor voting, trending and sponsorship. 

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