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By holding one of the Kronos-Sale Greek God NFT’s, you will receive dividends supplied in USDC, straight to your wallet! 

Buy NFT’s on the Kronos Dashboard.

Kronos NFT Collection

Benefits of Kronos NFT's & How they work

  • Each Staking Pool is named after a mythical Greek God.
  • There is a total of 9 Staking Pools collecting profits from different areas of Kronos-Sales revenues. 
    • For example, the Hades NFT Staking Pool is filled by profits from the LP Locker revenues.
    • Therefore, dividends rewarded are related the the NFT you stake and hold.
  • NFT rarity, quantity minted, and holders staking all contribute to the amount of rewards received.
    • There’s only 10 Zeus NFT’s available and each staking holder will evenly receive a percentage of the profits from the Zeus staking pool.
    • Kronos has 450 NFT’s available and each staking holder equally receives a percentage of the profits from  the Kronos staking pool.  
    • In the two examples, Zeus holders provide a much greater yield due to the quantity of NFT’s and the total profits available in the staking pool.
  • You must stake your NFT to receive rewards. 
  • You can stake and earn rewards on up to 5 NFT’s concurrently.
  • There is no additional cost to stake or swap your NFT’s.
  • All NFT’s can be traded or sold on Cronos NFT marketplace.
  • Holders of the Kronos NFT gains access to the Kronos VIP guest pass.
  • There will only ever be 1000 Kronos-Sale NFT’s available.
  • Kronos NFT’s provide Dividends in USDC.

How to buy Kronos NFT's?

Buying a Kronos NFT is simple.   Just head over to our Dapp Dashboard linked below and connect your wallet. The prices for each phases of the NFT sales are below and every purchase and mint is randomized. We all wish you the best and may the Gods be in your favor! 

Kronos NFT Dashboard:


  • 1-50 = 739 CRO (COMPLETED)
  • 50-200 = 862 CRO
  • 201-500 = 985 CRO
  • 501-1000 = 1231 CRO

Kronos NFT Gods & their rewards

Kronos-Sale NFT, Zeus: 4% of whole Ecosystem

Zeus - 4% of kronos Ecosystem

Zeus is the all powerful God Of The Sky and he watches over the entire Kronos Ecosystem. He reaps the rewards from every aspect of the kingdom he lives to rule! 

 All holders of the fare Zeus NFT receive USDC rewards from profits of all revenue streams within the Kronos Ecosystem.  This includes the future profit from projects launched through the Kronos think tank!

Rarity: 10 Available

kronos - 1% of kronos Ecosystem & Kronos Guest pass

Kronos is the titan of time and one of the founding fathers of this secure launchpad. He believes that good things come to those who wait. If patience is not practiced, then his scythe will act.

 Kronos is the most frequent NFT and the lowest bonus yield. However the rewards will be consistent as they are derived from all of Kronos Profit.

In addition to a bonus yield, all holders of the Kronos NFT will receive our ‘VIP Guest Pass’. This will provide special perks such as early access to projects, WL opportunities, NFT giveaways and possibly even a free drink at the bar!

Rarity: 450 Available
Kronos-Sale NFT, Kronos: 1% of whole Ecosystem
Kronos-Sale NFT, Hades: 9% of LP Locker

Hades - 9% of LP Locker

Hades is the God of the underworld, where no light can reach. He was born in the dark and molded by it and thus watches over his dominion with an iron grip, letting nothing escape.

 Our LP locker is estimated to be one of our most frequently used products. It’s set at an affordable price to ensure all project founders have access to keeping liquidity secure.

Rarity: 300 Available

Poseidon - 9% of Pre-sale platform

Poseidon is the shepherd of the sea and controller of all that is water. If you step into his stormy realm you better come equipped, or risk being banished.

 The secure Pre-Sale Platform is the main attraction on Kronos-Sale. The unique auditing protocol for boarding projects will see it’s popularity grow day by day. 

With the Poseidon NFT you will gain profit from every pre-sale launched from Kronos and this includes a slice of the Pre-sale funds.

Rarity: 10 Available
Kronos-Sale NFT, Poseidon: 9% of Pre-Sale
Kronos-Sale NFT, Athena: 9% of Marketing

Athena - 9% of Marketing & Promo

Athena is regarded as the wisest of all the Olympians, ensuring a unique, and well balanced battle plan is laid out for every occasion.

 Kronos-Sale uses it’s vast network of partners and experienced crypto professionals to supply projects with a wide range of marketing & promotional options. Every single project that on-boards with Kronos will have the option to use our services, which will generate more revenues as we grow. Furthermore any project wanting to be recognized as a Gold pre-sale badge or above,  must use at least 1 of our marketing options.

Rarity: 50 Available

Apollo - 9% of NFT Sales

Apollo is the most sculptured of all the gods.  He uses his talent in the arts and couples this with his immense beauty to attract Mortals and Gods alike.

 All holders of the Apollo will receive profits from NFT’s in Kronos and future NFT project.  

Rarity: 60 Available
Kronos-Sale NFT, Apollo: 9% of NFT's
Kronos-Sale NFT, Artemis: 9% of Auditing

Artemis - 9% of Audits

Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and keeps the wild environment at bay. She roams the land with her minions, maintaining the balance between opportunity and death.

 Auditing projects is one of the key building blocks that prop up the Kronos-Sale platform. The badge rated Kronos Protocol requires a specific level of auditing to be completed before a project can even apply for a large Pre-Sale.  With security & safety being at the forefront of the ecosystem our auditing will quickly become a focal point of every project we on-board.

Rarity: 20 Available

Ares - 9% of Escrow Locker & Job board

Ares is the God of war, winning battles with brute strength and sheer determination. His perseverance and physical valor drive him to success.

Kronos has a growing network of Cryptocurrency Professionals and project developers. The Escrow locker and Job Board is perfectly placed within the Kronos Ecosystem for continuous traffic and revenues from new and established projects. 

Rarity: 75 Available
Kronos-Sale NFT, Ares: 9% of Escrow Locker & Job Board
Kronos-Sale NFT, Aphrodite: 9% of AMA's

Aphrodite - 9% of AMA's

Aphrodite is the Goddess of lust, passion and pleasure. The basic human instincts that drive all of human kind!

 The Kronos-Sale AMA’s are an option for all projects within the Cronos Chain, as long as they meet the trusted criteria. The Kronos-Sale AMA’s will only promote safe, quality projects to our investors. This will surely attract members looking for a safe place to trade, while providing a solid platform for project founders to promote their secure projects.

Rarity: 25 Available