Kronos-sale services

More than just a pre-sale platform

Pre-sales #SecureLaunchPad

A pre-sale platform developed on the importance of safety and ease of use. All cryptocurrency tokens using the pre-sale to raise funds will need to meet the Kronos-Sale criteria and have a level of auditing completed. 

Full scale audits for a #SafeLaunchpad

In-depth contract, project and team audits, including KYC and constructive feedback on Crypto Project model.

Liquidity Pool Locker

LP-Locker for projects owners and developers. 

Multi-Sign Escrow Locker & freelance job board

Secure way to perform business within the cryptocurrency space. Post crypto related work on the Kronos-Sale freelance notice board and find trusted, quality professionals. Funds will be held in our locker until the job criteria is met for both parties.

AMA's: Discord & Telegram

Professionally critical AMA’s that aim to provide projects with a friendly space to grow ideas and gain genuine investors. Furthermore if a developer needs help on an area of their project model, we can offer guidance and source the right professional for the job at hand.

Marketing & Promotions

The Kronos-Sale team supply a vast network of marketing and promotional opportunities across the crypto space. With a focus on developing key options within’s expanding Cronos Block Chain.

Professional Services

Providing trusted, quality crypto professionals to project developers to help complete their vision. These cryptocurrency services include coding, web design, digital art, branding, marketing, social media managements, mods and more.

Professional network

Our professional network is here to help all project developers. If you’re a cryptocurrency professional and would like to be connected with projects in need and contact us and see if you qualify.