Poseidon NFT, Kronos-Sale Pre-sale Platform

Kronos Secure Pre-Sale Platfrom

The Kronos #SafeCryptoPlatform provides a comprehensive service to Projects wanting to host a sale prior to launch to raise capital and collect quality investors. Kronos-Sale #EasyLaunchpad has a full solution that allows a project to host a pre-sale pool giving Investors a single, trusted location to visit and invest prior to token launch. The pre-sale plaform is just one of the #KronosServices we provide to aspiring project founders.

The Kronos pre-sale launchpad reviews all projects applying for pre-sale to ensure investors money is safe. Safety rated badges are provided to projects that undertake the Kronos On-Boarding process which includes audits, KYC, Doxxing, lightning code review and project model  appraisal. Furthermore th higher the badge projects qualify for, the more more funds they can raise and the more Kronos will promote.

Below is a brief look at what our badges require. For a more in-depth look at what the Kronos Ecosystem has to offer please review our GitBook / Whitepaper: https://kronos-ecosystem.gitbook.io/kronos-ecosystem/introduction

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