Kronos Team

Kronos-sale development team

Our highly skilled in house development team have been hand picked through a series of interviews. We have ensured that our core team represent the Kronos-Sale culture of a Secure, safe Launchpad. The Kronos-Sale members strive to be informative, easy to approach and transparent at all times. Just like our easy to use Pre-Sale Platform, we want your experience to be simple and efficient.

kronos-sale update:

Kronos-Sale launches with full scale utillity, no need for a timeline! Unlike most projects, we performed the Kronos Pre-Sale with a functional, secure launchpad. This means we can immediately focus on marketing and on-boarding new projects. The lucky early investors reap the Kronos-Sale benefits within the first few weeks! furthermore this means all Kronos holders wont have to wait long to receive dividends from our ecosystem.

In addition to this we have created a Kronos-Sale Think Tank, which sole aim is to produce quality, trusted projects. Our goal is to produce a new project every 8 weeks. All holders will receive early access to our projects and 10% of profits will go directly into our dividend pool for holders.

View our Gitbook for a more detailed write up of the Kronos Ecosystem.

Kronos-Sale Gitbook, Whitepaper:

Team: Doxxed & KYC



The Kronos-Sale Launchpad provides a Cross-Chain Presale platform on BSC & CRO. The Kronos Ecosystem reviews every pre-sale application for safety & security.

Kronos Referral programme rewards referees with a 1% sign on bonus from successful Pre-Sales. Just fill in the Cyrpto Project Referral form and start the process. 

In addition to external Pre-Sales, take a look at the #KronosThinkTank for high quality, #SafeCryptoProjects developed by the Kronos-Sale Team.



Launchpad functionality report:

  • Pre-sale Launchpad: LIVE on Cronos
  • NFT’s: Live on Cronos
  • NFT Staking & Dash: Live
  • Token Staking & Dash: Live
  • Fair Launch: Completed
  • Escrow Locker & Job Board: Delayed

meet the kronos team

Papa Skye - Kronos Founder

Papa Skye - Founder

Skye is a highly successful professional head-hunter with a decade of experience in talent acquisition. This in conjunction with his experience as a leader and life coach providing the unique skillset that only Skye can offer his clients. Skye has found talent in every industry, but he excels in finding the very best talents in software development and blockchain technologies. Skye brings years of sales, business acumen, networking, and finding the right people for the right projects. He’s been learning about Crypto for nearly 3 years, and like many others on the Kronos team he dove in and began understanding the technology and how he could make a positive impact. It didn’t take long to realize his talents are best used when working to provide a safer atmosphere free of rug pulls and scam artist.

Brad - Kronos Founder

Brad - Founder

Brad started in construction and quickly realized he was a talented leader and businessman. Brad built several successful companies from his first carpentry business to today where he runs a successful Barbecue Restaurant. His decades of experience, business acumen, and excellent leadership solidified his position as an entrepreneur and today he brings that know-how to Crypto and the Kronos team. It was a single trade with 10X gains placing Brad on his Cryptocurrency journey. It wasn’t long after he recognized scam artists running rampant and projects with wonderful ideas but a lack of necessary experience to get a project off the ground. Brad’s power is his ability to see the potential in a project regardless of its current state.

Kronos Profile Badge - Adam, Contract Dev

Adam - Core Team

Adam is an accomplished retired U.S. Marine with 21 plus years of dedicated service. He’s a veteran of OEF and Safety expert when it comes to Radiation. Adam is uniquely experienced and has taught many others in the study of precision measurements and calibration tools. This is certainly a skill you want when you’re an Officer of Radiation Safety too! Adam is the lead developer on several high profile Alt Crypto projects because he’s an accomplished Solidity programmer and well versed in database management. Projects such as FlokiPulse v2, and ADABoy are just a couple of his success stories with many others he’s consulted or helped. Adam is also the founder and CEO of CryptoMatch, the Tinder of crypto and who doesn’t need an app to tell you which Alt Coin is best fo you.

David - Kronos Core Team

David - Core Team

David is a Marketing & Operation VP with a background in Automation Engineering. He has traveled the world consulting, designing, and integrating robotics and automation for distribution & manufacturing warehouses of many fortune 500 companies. David holds several patents pertaining to Automation products and he’s is eager and looking to add more in the cryptocurrency space. David started his journey in cryptocurrencies nearly 2 years ago trading on Coinbase where he quickly realized that most gains are earned in Defi. David brings a unique blend of experience in branding and messaging strategies, company processes and streamlined workflows, and overall general business administration.

Jack Charlton - Kronos Core Team

Jack Charlton - Core Team

Jack is an expert and full time digital artist and entrepreneur. He has beautiful work that’s been displayed over the world and most recently some of his best work showed up on the New York City Time Square Billboard. Jack has also done a lot of work in the crypto space for projects such as Fegnomics, BNBHeroes, BUSDX, AutomaticUP and many others. Jack first experience with crypto was a casual meeting with several high profile altcoins back in 2017. After the defi boom really took hold near the beginning of 2021 he was already heavily invested in some of the most profitable crypto known and that’s when he realized his passion and skills are all he’s ever needed to succeed in this industry.

Aussie Boomer - Kronos Core Team

Aussie Boomer - core Team

Boomer is a successful chef on the beautiful island of Tasmania. Much like an artist painting his masterpiece on a blank canvas, Boomer is known to create delicious masterpieces that are admired for seconds before devoured in minutes by patrons. Boomer has also excelled in Search In Optimization and creating the social weight you need to put your landing pages number 1. Boomer has been genuinely interest in Crypto for many years, but didn’t really sit down and explore until the Covid Lockdown. It was during this time he saw awesome opportunities with bringing his SEO Expertise to the Crypto Project that need to be found. His training, research, and experience in SEO ensures your project is always only a click away from that next investor.

Seth - Kronos Core Team

Seth - core Team

Seth was born and raised in Seattle and has worked “Online” in some capacity his entire career. The younger “MidKnighter” ran countless communities going back to the AOL days and even founded the worlds # 3 Ranked Age of Empires clan. After a brief time of running his own construction business Seth came back to the digital online world to take a deeper dive into Crypto. He quickly made a name for himself by calling out the many different scam projects until he came to the realization that the safest and most successful project is likely one he is leading, developing, or consulting. It’s apparent Seth is born to lead, but he’s also extremely tech savvy and an accomplished developer with several successful projects. Stockbonk, MottaVerse and perhaps the most well known project “TrueBurn” are just a few of his projects he developed. Kronos is lucky to have Seth on board providing his expert development services and his leadership abilities to help in building CRO’s best and safest launchpad.