Kronos Think Tank

Innovation inspired by the gods!

The creative Kronos Think Tank is a dedicated team of #CryptoProfessionals that develop projects from inception to Launch. The Kronos Team  also review innovative ideas from external developers. Kronos will assess an opportunity and analyse how feasible it is. If a Crypto Project shows potential Kronos will offer #CryptoServices including Private / Pre-Sale investments, project management, Contract development, Design, Branding and marketing. The Kronos Gods will provide what is needed to ensure success.

To find out more, Contact one of our Kronos-sale socials, or via our web chat.

Kronos Referral Program:

If you refer a project that qualifies for the Kronos Think Tank, or the Kronos Pre-Sale Launchpad we will provide you 1% of the Pre-Sale Raised. Contact us via our socials, or live web chat for more info/ alternatively submit a Think tank Application now and start earning!

Kronos Think tank Projects:

Kronos is cementing its position in the crypto industry as a #SafePlatform and #SecureCryptoTeam by continually developing quality projects that serve as a shining light for the Kronos Brand. The Kronos Think Tank Projects showcase what #CryptoServices the Kronos Team can deliver. These areas include Node projects, Meme Coins, Rebase tokens and more. Kronos is showing crypto investors a dynamic, unique approach to Cryptocurrency Development by ensuring any project brought to Pre-Sale will be 100% completed, tested and functionally ready to provide members with a quick return on investment.

Son of Kro (KRO)

The Son of KRO  #CroMemeCoin is the new kid kicking up a fuss in Olympus! He aims to modernise the Greek Gods and drag them into the Tech Age! He was born into wealth and wants to share the $KRO he has with the common people, much to his families pain.

  $Kro Reward Meme Token. By becoming a $KRO holder you will gain access to WL opportunities, early access calls and the potential to gain Private Sale Positions on all Kronos Think Tank projects. Furthermore you can save your Kronos Tokens to invest in a Kronos NFT creating a #CryptoPassiveIncome , or alternatively just stake the token for USDC rewards on Kronos-Sale Dashboard.

lAUNCHING soon! May / June 2022

Son of KRO

Cuz of Kro (BSC)

The Cuz of KRO  #BSCMemeCoin is the chaotic cousin leading the Son of KRO astray on the streets of Olympus! He’s a product of his Fathers up bringing and believes a little chaos is what makes life worth living! The only way he finds balance in life is by provide stable USDC to his trusted friends.

  $USDC Reward Meme Token. The Kronos Ecosystem on the Cronos Chain provides USDC to all its NFT & Token holders. All you have to do is Hold and Stake. Bridge your USDC rewards from BSC to CRO chain and start generating passive income through the Kronos-Sale Dashboard.

lAUNCHING soon! May / June 2022

CUZ of Kronos

Roulette Protocol (BSC)

Roulette Protocol is a #BSCNodeProject that provides it’s investors with the chance to multiply their #PassiveIncome. 

 Collect Roulette based, 3D NFT’s to be involved in the weekly roulette wheel spins! Each Roulette spin that matches an NFT will provide a week long bonus and in the some cases a zero tax benefit!

June 2022

Hold'em Nodes (CRO / BSC / ETH)

The Hold’em Nodes is the next generation of combined NFTs and Nodes. If you like earning passive income and playing your best hand all-in, then this is the project for you!

A Node project with an #NFTCollection that allows you to trade, buy & sell for the Optimum Node Reward.

Block Chain yet to be confirmed.

Coming soon!
lAUNCHING q3 2022

Hold'em Nodes

Black jack Finance

More information coming soon….

Coming soon!

Black Jack Finance

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