Kronos Spartan Lock Certificate

Spartan Liquidity pool locker

The Spartan Elite have set up camp to guard the Liquidity Pool and fight for the Kronos #SafeCryptoPlatform. #KronosServices provides project founders with an #EasyLaunchpad that with a few simple clicks delivers a Spartan assured certificate to show all investors that their hard earned crypto is safe! The Greek God; Hades, is keeping a watchful eye over all LP Locks to ensure the Spartans stay strong. The Hades NFT rewards 9% of successful locks to it’s holders via the NFT Staking Pools. 

Kronos NFT’s, Passive Income in USDC:


What is an LP Locker?

To prevent scammers from pulling liquidity leaving them with a bag unable to sell or simply giving investors the peace of mind this won’t happen the Liquidity Locker was born. The concept of “Locking Liquidity” is quite simple. The pool token’s movement is restricted by a time-based function and once the restriction is set it cannot be moved or redeemed until the pre-selected time has passed.

Kronos-Sale NFT, Hades: 9% of LP Locker

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