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What is the kronos Think Tank

The #KronosThinkTank is a dynamic space where #CryptoProfessionals evolve ideas and develop new opportunities. The Kronos Team and experienced partners continuously discuss concepts for #NewCryptoProjects and how to bring #QualityCryptoProjects to investors in current market conditions. This ensures that Kronos provides a steady stream of new #SafeCryptoProjects across various block chains to all it’s valued members.


Confirmed Kronos Think Tank Projects

The projects that are currently in producion.

Kronos Think tank Opportunities

Kronos firmly believes in the wealth of nurturing ideas. This is why Kronos supports community interaction and concept development. If someone has an idea, or is struggling to develop a quality concept, then the Kronos Team will evaluate and provide the help needed to enter Olympus where you will be favored by the Gods!


Is there a Referral Program for Quality Crypto Projects?

The Kronos-Sale referral program will pay referal fees of up to 1% of the total pre-sale raised on any successful Crypto launch. The Project and it’s developers must pass the kronos review and be accepted onto the Pre-Sale Platform.  This also includes any Think Tank Application that is successfully Launched! 


What are the Benefits for $KRO Holders?

Kronos centers its business structure around passive income (USDC) and opportunities for Kronos Holders across Mutliple Block Chains. Holders of $KRO (CRO Network) will be provided with Primary WL access, Early Calls and the chance for private positions in upcoming Kronos #ThinkTankProjects. Moreover by simply staking the $KRO token / NFTs, investors will receive USDC rewards generated from the Think Tank Profits. This is in addition to the rest of the Kronos-Sale Ecosystem Profits provided to our members who stake on the Kronos-Sale Dashboard.


How can the Kronos Think Tank Help Crypto Projects?

The Kronos Ecosystem has a range of #CryptoServices that can help developers with their Cryptocurrency Projects. Upon review and approval of the concept,  the Kronos Think Tank will provide a list of recommended services.  Below are just a few services the Kronos Think Tank will provide. 

  • Reassured Private Sale & Pre-Sale Contributions
  • Tailor Made Marketing based on project model & current climate
  • Professional Contract & UI Development
  • Branding Consultation
  • Expert Social Media & SEO advice
  • Digital Graphics and 3D Designs 
  • Auditing and Lightning Review of project model & contracts 
  • Access to network of Crypto Professionals including moderators and social media managers
  • Project Management

If you have a Crypto Project Concept that needs some guidance then contact Kronos on one of our socials or Direct Web Messenger. Alternatively if your have a Project, or Idea you would like to submit, please fill in the Kronos Think Tank Application Form.

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